The Standard for Turbine Engine Component Services

  • Aero Turbine, Inc. sets the standard for the overhaul and repair of turbine engine components, the most critical parts of jet powerplants.


  • Our authorizations, tools and equipment enable us to provide turnkey service on compressors, shafts, nozzles, burners, and all other components for more than 20 turbine engine models.


  • We also provide NDT (non-destructive testing) for components and ancillary services including compressor and turbine balancing, hot zone and core inspections. Our Quality Assurance protocols ensure every overhaul and repair meets our exacting standards, often higher than OEM specifications for repaired and overhauled components.​

  • What most sets our component services and capabilities apart is our engineering and technical team. With a combined experience unrivaled by any other engine service provider, and a dedication to continuous improvement second to none, our staff has made Aero Turbine, Inc. the leading choice for component overhaul and repair services among the world’s most demanding turbine operators.

Diffuser Case
Front Frame
Compressor Rotor
Turbine Nozzle
Afterburner Liner
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