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The GE J85-13 is a single-spool turbojet engine with an eight-stage axial-flow compressor and a two-stage turbine. Its efficient compressor discharges air that bypasses the combustion zone and is used to cool combustor and turbine components. It is a powerhouse for high-performance trainers and tactical aircraft. 

The J85-13 is one of the 12,000 J85 engines and its commercial engine variants that General Electric delivered by the end of its production run in 1988. Yet the United States Air Force and NASA expect to keep J85-13 and other J85-powered T-38 trainer jets in operational service until 2040 and beyond. That means the J85-13 will remain in operational service for 85 years.

Gear Up for the Future

To extend the life of your J85-13 engine and ensure its reliability and durability, routine MRO services are essential. Owning and operating a jet engine does not begin and end with keeping the aircraft airborne. Similar to other structures and machinery, they have life-limited parts that require maintenance, repair, and replacement over time.

Our spectrum of services offers utmost flexibility, from minimal depth of penetration during an overhaul to replacing a power plant entirely. Significantly reduced MRO costs and cash flow optimization are only two of the many benefits. Several additional features, from replacement of modules to meticulous repairs, round out our exemplary services.