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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

We are pleased to announce that Alex Thagard will be joining Aero Turbine, Inc. as our new Senior Vice President of Strategy, Sales and Marketing effective June 1, 2020. Alex comes to us after serving as the Director of Military Business Development for Chromalloy, where his division provided MRO services for aerospace engines, primarily the F100, PT6, and TFE731 engines.

Alex was responsible for all Military and International Sales at Chromalloy. When he arrived to the division, they had no international sales and very little knowledge of Foreign Military Sales (FMS). Alex was in charge of all FMS and FMF pursuits. He established an LTA with the Saudi Air Force for hot section MRO services.

Prior to Chromalloy, Alex served as the Director of Air Force Programs for the US Embassy in Indonesia. He was responsible for all Foreign Military Sales, Foreign Military Funding and modernization efforts for the Indonesian Air Force. This included authoring and authorizing all FMS/FMF cases.

Alex currently resides in Edmond OK with his wife and two children. He speaks three languages - English, Thai and Spanish.

Please join us in welcoming Alex into the Aero Turbine, Inc. family.

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